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Meet IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology*

An intelligent patient management solution designed to manage complexity, improve efficiency, and enable operational excellence, accelerate time from referral of the patient to start treatment.

Manage complexity. Create a harmonized way of working and transparent communications.

Improve efficiency. Deeply integrated applications, maintaining data integrity, and automated workflows.

Enable operational excellence. Mitigate risk, document results, and discover actionable insights.

* Work in progress and not available for sale. 

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Next generation wide-bore digital MR-RT systems Ingenia Elition 3.0T and Ambition 1.5T  


Up to 50% faster* 2D and 3D scans with Compressed SENSE 


Easy installation, no vent pipe required, with BlueSeal magnet (Ambition 1.5T)  

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Big Bore RT  


Advance confidence in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. 

Exceptional image quality with tools such as IMR, O-MAR and iDose4, coupled with a high powered generator and 32 slice reconstruction, are the foundation for confident decision-making.


Accelerate time to treatment through intuitive workflow tools.

IMR improves image quality and advances autosegmentation. Less manual intervention means fast contouring and short time to treatment.

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Advanced Pinnacle Evolution therapy planning


Fast optimization speed with new Philips optimizer technology

Greater confidence in plan quality with next generation Personalized Planning, with integration of PlanIQ Feasibility

Improved efficiency in workflow with a completely redesigned User Interface