An older woman — who has lost hair from cancer treatment — smiles as she’s hugged by her adult daughter.

二月 13, 2020

Accelerating advances in cancer care

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Evan Castiglia

Evan Castiglia

Principal, Venture Investments

Carevive Systems receives Series C backing from Philips


Improving outcomes for people with cancer isn’t only about breakthrough treatments — it also hinges on understanding the true patient experience in order to find ways to improve it. That’s the mission of Miami-based Carevive Systems, which recently received Series C backing from Philips.


Carevive aims to enable providers to deliver better quality cancer care, encourages patient engagement and improves access to new treatments. Providers use Carevive software embedded within their EMR workflows to generate personalized patient care plans — based on the best possible treatment choices — and to remotely monitor and manage patient symptoms at home.


“Carevive’s suite of patient engagement and clinical cancer care management technologies are very promising and we look forward to working with the company to further improve patient care,” says Rich Wilmot, managing director of investments at Philips Ventures.

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