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六月 23, 2020

Improving virtual care for pregnant women

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Nick Pappas

Nick Pappas

Managing Partner, Venture Investments

Philips partners Babyscripts and Xealth work together to improve prenatal care


What if women had access to care from home that could predict high-risk scenarios? Babyscripts and Xealth are making it possible.


Babyscripts is the leading virtual care platform for managing obstetrics and Xealth is a pioneer in enabling digital health at scale. The two start-ups — both Philips portfolio companies — have formed a collaboration, which will allow clinicians to prescribe Babyscripts through the Xealth platform. This technology can reduce the number of in-person prenatal visits while maintaining a high level of care — an especially important consideration during COVID-19.


“Streamlining the process of virtual care delivery brings us one step closer to access for all,” says Anish Sebastian, co-founder and CEO of Babyscripts. “By eliminating steps for the provider, this integration frees up providers to do their most important work, which is keeping patients safe and healthy.”

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