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八月 28, 2019

LindaCare partners with Philips to improve remote cardiac monitoring

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Lara Koole

Lara Koole

Partner, Venture Investments

Philips integrates LindaCare’s OnePulse remote monitoring into its platform


Start-up LindaCare and Philips have integrated their technologies to improve monitoring of patients who need cardiac implantable electronic devices.


LindaCare’s OnePulse cloud-based remote monitoring platform aggregates data from devices from many manufacturers on a single platform, allowing for seamless integration with EMRs and more efficient workflow. By adding OnePulse to Philips IntelliSpace Cardiovascular — a web-based image and workflow management platform — the companies offer clinicians easy remote access to their patients’ data, alert management and triaging. The partnership aims to help patients get more efficient, effective and proactive care.


“We are leading a revolution in remote patient monitoring,” said Shahram Sharif, CEO and founder of LindaCare. “By combining our OnePulse with the IntelliSpace Cardiovascular platform, together we are creating an industry-leading standard for CIED patient follow-up and care.”

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