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五月 02, 2019

Reinventing medical trainings for staff

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Lara Koole

Lara Koole

Partner, Venture Investments

Philips partner LeQuest develops next-generation educational solutions


To take advantage of the newest breakthroughs in medical technology, medical staff need the training to use them effectively. Philips and other backers recently invested €7 million into the innovative company LeQuest, based in Rotterdam, which provides trainings in an innovative way.


LeQuest works with medical technology manufacturers — including Philips — and then develops simulation-based educational solutions. They focus on high-risk medical technology in hospitals and more specifically in operating rooms, ICUs and radiology departments.


LeQuest’s ultimate goals are to improve the quality in healthcare, increase medical technology efficiency and reduce adverse events. Over the last few years, LeQuest experienced a strong demand for its services from hospitals as well as manufacturers, and it has active users in more than 15 countries in Europe, North America and South America.

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