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三月 29, 2019

Start-up Xealth connects doctors with patients

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Nick Pappas

Nick Pappas

Managing Partner, Venture Investments

Philips invests in $11 million series A financing for Seattle-based start-up


Xealth — the leading digital prescribing platform — announced $11 million in a Series A financing round with investment from Philips and other backers. Philips invested in the Seattle-based company because of its potential to transform multiple segments of the healthcare industry, and the funding will allow Xealth to expand its platform.


Xealth allows clinicians to integrate, prescribe and monitor digital health tools for patients from their EHR workflows. These tools include patient education, online third-party apps and programs, device monitoring and even non-clinical services such as ride shares, food delivery and e-commerce product recommendations. Using the platform, providers are able to manage patients with chronic conditions at home and offer extra support and monitoring to the people who need it.

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