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Ready to innovate?
Partnerships can help.

Healthcare leaders are eager for innovation that helps solve today’s challenges while preparing for whatever the future may bring. That’s where a true strategic partner comes in – one who can provide access to services, expertise and technology. The result? Meaningful innovation that can help identify new ways to reach clinical, operational and financial goals.
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See how strategic partnerships can drive healthcare innovation

Download the report below to learn more about Phoenix Children’s experience as well as other health systems globally.
…Strategic partnerships are exceptionally important for us because we can’t do it all ourselves.” 

David Higginson

Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer at Phoenix Children’s, USA

If you’re looking to innovate, we’re here to help.

See examples of how strategic partnerships have helped drive meaningful innovation and digital transformation in this report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services.
Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report

The report focuses on:


  • Driving innovation in healthcare through strategic partnerships. 
  • Rethinking the roles of healthcare leaders.
  • Examples of healthcare organizations at the forefront of strategic partnering. 
  • Innovation benefits, including positive clinical and financial impacts.
  • Looking ahead: lessons learned, resources and processes that drive success.
  • Questions healthcare leaders should ask when considering a strategic partnership.

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