BiliChek Non-invasive jaundice assessment device

BiliChek System

Non-invasive jaundice assessment device


The BiliChek noninvasive, transcutaneous bilirubinometer assesses the risk of hyperbilirubinemia (newborn baby jaundice) in newborns. Using light instead of a needle, it allows you to easily measure serum bilirubin levels.

Gold award winner
Gold award winner for appliance DESIGN magazine

Gold award winner for appliance DESIGN magazine

BiliCheck was named as a winner in appliance DESIGN magazine’s 23rd Annual Excellence in Design Awards Competition. This competition honors those designers who have excelled in meeting the modern challenge of harmoniously melding technology and industrial design.
BiliCal individual calibration tips
BiliCal individual calibration tips

BiliCal individual calibration tips

Made of disposable plastic to decrease risk of infection from cross-contamination associated with multiple patient devices.
The BilEclipse
The BilEclipse phototherapy patch

The BilEclipse phototherapy patch

Isolates a section of skin before, during, and after phototherapy so that transcutaneous bilirubin measurements can be taken with BiliChek
Noninvasive tool

Noninvasive tool reduces pain and health risks

Clinically proven, the BiliChek bilirubinometer virtually eliminates the costs and time associated with blood draws and laboratory services. There is less risk of infection, less trauma, and no pain while allowing a fast time to discharge or a decision toward treatment.
Flexible data entry

Flexible data entry streamlines workflow

The barcode scanner allows for accurate entry and verification of nurse and patient identification information. A numeric key pad allows user to enter or attach patient or nurse information to the patient's bilirubin measurement. The reader interfaces with hospital charting or laboratory information systems.
Step-by-step instructions

Step-by-step instructions save time

Easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions, graphics and a fast measurement system increase proficiency and productivity. The on-board Help system walks the user through the measurement process and provides access to the online Help menu.
Desk top or wall mount power supply

Power supply options

Available with desk top power supply (Product # 989805644881) or wall mount power supply (Product # 989805644871)
Ergonomic & reliable design

Ergonomic & reliable design for long-lasting performance

The ergonomic design is slim and light for ease in handling, and an integral, rechargeable lithium battery is designed to provide long-lasting performance.
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Intended use
  • Pre-, during, and post-phototherapy
Gestational age
  • 27 - 42 weeks
Post-natal age
  • 0 - 20 days
  • 2.1 - 11.1 pounds
TCB measurement range
  • -0 to 20 mg/dL