QuickCat Extraction catheter


Extraction catheter


The QuickCat extraction catheter is an aspiration catheter combining the best features of other aspiration catheters. It is ideal for fresh, soft thrombus removal with a flexible PEBAX distal end and an increasingly stiffer proximal end to allow for excellent pushability with minimum drag and easy advancement through tortuous vessels.


Model Number 60090-01
Model Number 60090-01
Working Length
  • 145 cm
Rapid Exchange Segment Length
  • 10 cm
Radiopaque Marker
  • Located 1mm from the tip
Crossing Profile
  • 4.5F / 0.059”
Guidewire Compatibility
  • 0.014”
Extraction Lumen Area*
  • 0.858 mm²
Guide Catheter Compatibility
  • 6F / ≥0.068”
Extraction Rate*
  • 1.16 mL/sec
  • *Data on file.
  • Pebax is a registered trademark of Arkema.