MR Cardiac

Detailed quantification of cardiac function
Includes a viewer and functional analysis. The MR Cardiac Viewer allows side-by-side review of single, multiple or all available cardiac series in a default or in a user-defined viewing protocol. It automatically links multiple series in respect to DICOM geometry, zoom/pan, time and position link for qualitative assessment and analysis in AHA 17 segment templates of the MRC data types. It supports basic measurements and screen captures.
cardiac thumbnail
  • The application provides semi-automatic and manual tools for segmentation.
  • Results are calculated based on the Simpson method. The user has an option to apply automatic papillary muscles extraction if desired.
  • Results tables can be configured by the user, and values indexed by Body Surface Area (BSA).
  • RV segmentation workflow is simplified to be harmonized with LV, and enhance visibility of the phase-prorogation capability.
  • Left ventricle volumetric analysis based on single or multi-slice, multi-phase or real-time dynamic 2 Chambers and/or 4 Chambers long axis image acquisitions is also supported based on the Area Length Ejection Fraction (ALEF) single or bi-planar method.
  • All results and screen captures can be collected, saved and exported by the user in a Findings Navigator functionality.

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