MR Advanced Diffusion Analysis

Computed diffusion weighted images at a b-value of choice
The application is intended to view, process and analyze MRI Diffusion Weighted Images. It calculates and displays cDWI at a
b-value of choice (from 0 to 5,000 s/mm2) and provides advanced supportive analysis and visualization tools of diffusion MRI images and parametric maps.
advanced diffusion analysis thumbnail
  • Presents a default diffusion analysis model based on the available original DWI images as well as a selection of alternative models including monoexponential, biexponential, simplified IVIM, and kurtosis.
  • A ‘goodness of fit’ value and fitted curve show the fitting quality of the selected model.
  • Provides parametric maps of perfusion fraction (f), pseudo diffusivity (D*), Diffusivity (D) and Kurtosis (K).

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