Mirada NM Viewer*

Enhanced user experience for NM reading with a leading NM viewing solution

Designed to solve your clinical challenges and improve productivity when viewing PET\CT, SPECT, SPECT\CT and planar images.
*3rd party application, a trademark of Mirada Medical.
mirada nm viewer clinical image

MR Liver Health

Simplify workflow with automated calculation of whole liver volume

MR Liver Health provides global liver information from MR mDIXON images, including volume, fat fraction, T2*, and R2* parameters from the whole liver or from regions-of-interest in an automatic and non-invasive manner.
magnetic resonance liver health clinical image

3D Modeling

Streamlined modeling workflow optimized for 3D printing

IntelliSpace Portal features a dedicated 3D Modeling application for creating and exporting 3D models. An integrated segmentation environment incorporates the solution segmentation tools in one place designed to simplify workflow.
*In USA, 3D models are not intended to be used for diagnostic use.
3d modeling clinical image

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