Accelerate exams by up to 50%1


Fast overall exam-time is achieved through Compressed SENSE applied in dedicated RT ExamCards. This enhanced version of innovative SENSE technology accelerates both 2D and 3D scans by up to 50% with virtually equal image quality. This shortens the time the patient is in the scanner and can help to manage intra-scan motion.


Designed to facilitate low siting and other construction costs


Ambition 1.5T features a BlueSeal magnet which employs the latest micro-cooling technology for transitioning to helium-free operation. The fully-sealed magnet does not require a vent pipe and is at least 900 kg lighter in weight2. This promotes easy installation into existing radiation oncology facilities like imaging rooms or bunkers, and may significantly reduce construction costs.

Fast diffusion scans


Elition 3.0T new high-performance gradients enable fast diffusion scans with high SNR, relevant for tissue characterization and treatment response monitoring. 


A superb MR platform for radiation oncology


Ingenia MR-RT drives clinical excellence with state-of-the art image quality and high geometric accuracy thanks to dStream architecture, high gradient linearity, and 3D Gradient Distortion Correction. With the state-of-the art next generation Elition 3.0T and Ambition 1.5T wide-bore MR systems, you can benefit from MRI innovations, now and in years to come.