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issue 56 – 2019

FieldStrength issue 56 – 2019


  • KNC can scan three more patients per day with Compressed SENSE – Dr. Koyasu, Shiba
  • Surprising MRI quality at reasonable price with low running cost – Dr. Mahajan
  • Always-up-to-date MRI systems at predictable, reduced cost – Dr. Vañó
  • High quality and fast scanning with Compressed SENSE – Dr. Koyama, Dr. Kumashiro, Dr. Miyake, Fukushima
  • Using MRI only in prostate cancer radiotherapy workflow – Dr. Minn, Dr. Keyriläinen
  • Direct visualization of nerves can influence surgery decisions – Tanji, Dr. Yabuki
issue 55 – 2018

FieldStrength issue 55 – 2018


  • An excellent fit to expand the imaging center: Prodiva 1.5T – Dr. Schiffer, Dr. Takahashi
  • Faster MRI with Compressed SENSE – Dr. Sartoretti 
  • MRI in-bore solutions – MR team Herlev, Dr. Masuda, Dr. Kessebohmer
  • MR Conditional cardiac devices - Dr. Sommer, Dr. Shellock, Dr. Schwitter; Dr. Patel
  • MultiBand SENSE for fMRI and dMRI in brain – Dr. Steinberg, Dr. Caan, Dr. Gispert, Dr. Watts, Dr. Garavan
  • Enhancing brain tumor MRI with APT weighted imaging – Dr. Curran, Dr. Miller
issue 54 – 2017

FieldStrength issue 54 – 2017


  • MRI enters Emergency Department for fast, confident decisions – Dr. Karis
  • Expanding whole body MRI use in oncology patients – Dr. Nobusawa, Mr. Naka
  • Black Blood imaging of brain vasculitis – Dr. Sadeghi
  • UVM brain MRI protocols upgraded with latest methods – Dr. Nickerson
  • Take your next step in MRI – Dr. Pipe, Dr.Truwit
  • Brain connectivity and fiber tracking – Dr. Watts
issue 53 – 2016

FieldStrength issue 53 – 2016


  • Patients with MR Conditional implants - Dr. Kanal, Mr. Brown, Dr. de Bruin, Dr. Kugel
  • Relaxed patients, reduced motion, improved productivity – Dr. Andre, Mrs. Johansson
  • Approaches for including MRI in radiation therapy planning – Dr. Philippens
  • Running a successful MRI service, what does it take? – Dr. Gulati, Dr. Schiffer
  • 100 patients per day on one MRI scanner – Dr. Tuna
  • Non-invasive MR angiography of  small cerebral aneurysms – Dr. Li
  • Smart Display Protocols help speed up viewing of MRI cases – Dr. Viala
issue 52 – 2015/2


FieldStrength issue 52 – 2015/2


  • Patient comfort leads to first-time-right imaging – Dr. Nemery
  • Overcoming motion challenges for first-time-right MR imaging – Dr. Baumann
  • Meander Medical Center MRI in head, neck and spine – Dr. Heggelman
  • One sequence, many benefits in musculoskeletal MRI – Dr. Lefebvre
  • Motion correction in shoulder imaging with MultiVane XD – Mr.  Kennedy
  • Investigating the potential of Synthetic MR for brain quantification – Dr. Jonsson
  • Sherbrooke researchers investigate Diffusion MRI and fMRI – Dr. Descoteaux, Dr. Whittingstall
issue 51 – 2015/1

FieldStrength issue 51 – 2015/1


  • Ingenia 3.0T delivers high performance MRI to busy practice – Dr. Kaakaji, Mr. Duffy, Mr. Sybesma
  • Boosting liver MRI with latest methods – Dr. Kukuk
  • Ingenia solution enhances delineation for RT planning – Dr. Stevens, Dr. Yan
  • Advanced neuro MR methods can improve efficiency and confidence – Dr. Miller
  • High quality imaging in MS, stroke and brain tumor – Dr. Savatovsky
  • Advanced neuro MRI benefits from IntelliSpace Portal – Dr. Guzman
  • Can DTI be used for mild traumatic brain injury assessment? – Dr. Freeman, Dr. Watts
  • Expert users from eight leading institutes in cardiac MR  collaborate to develop cardiac MR protocol
issue 50 – 2014

FieldStrength issue 50 – 2014


  • mDIXON saves time and provides homogeneous fat saturation – Dr. Pedersen
  • Robust fat suppression and shorter exams in pediatric imaging – Dr. Chung
  • mDIXON Quant  in assessment of fatty liver disease – Dr. Pedrosa, Dr. Yokoo
  • Fast and easy diagnostic imaging from head to toe – Dr. Schmidt, Dr. Rother
  • HCMC chose SmartPath to dStream rather than a new scanner – Dr. Truwit
  • MR neurography allows clear visualization of peripheral nerves – Dr. Wang
  • MultiBand SENSE to improve imaging speed
  • Enhancing susceptibility weighted MR through collaborative research –  Dr. Yoneda
  • Distortion-free diffusion imaging with TSE
  • MultiVane XD is the next generation motion-free imaging

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