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Providing high-risk pregnancy toolkit



Sponsored by the Philips Foundation, a registered charity and based on the needs of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a pregnancy toolkit was developed aimed for early detection and referral of high-risk pregnancies in fragile communities with limited access to healthcare.




The Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project


UNICEF and The Philips Foundation, together with Concern Worldwide, Maker and Gearbox, have launched the Maternal and Newborn Health Innovations Project, to help save lives and improve the health of pregnant women and children in Kenya.



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Philips donation supporting Afghan mothers and babies


Philips is committed to the UN Millennium Development Goals of reducing child mortality rates and improving maternal health. We have been working to bring new life – and new hope – to the clinicians and mothers in Afghanistan, who have been consumed by war and robbed of some of the most basic healthcare necessities.



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Your passion, our commitment

You believe that every mother and baby deserves the best care possible - before, during, and after a newborn enters the world.


At Philips, we share your passion and support your mission. We're committed to delivering clinically proven Developmental Care solutions and educational services, through every stage and each transition.


We help you establish an evidence‐based framework of care designed to support and nurture mother and baby in the best way possible.


Through a wide range of products including maternal and fetal monitoring during pregnancy, neonatal positioning, calming and soothing solutions for the NICU, and feeding and monitoring for the transition home, we help to enrich the lives of infants from the start.

"What if this were my child? Or my grandchild? That’s how I think about every woman who walks in here."


Diane Shaffer MEd
Developmental Specialist
NICU & Developmental Follow-­up
West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA, USA



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Solving real customer problems

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Delivering a new birthing experience

The Burnside Hospital in Australia offers expectant mothers the freedom to move about during labor with Philips Avalon Cableless (CL) maternal and fetal monitoring solution. When used with the OB information system, IntelliSpace Perinatal, clinicians are able to capture a comprehensive clinical record while providing a more flexible birth experience.
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Implementing new family-centered care concepts in the NICU

The Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven, Netherlands includes a groundbreaking Woman-Mother-Child Center, which is one of the first in Europe to deliver comprehensive family-focused childbirth and neonatal care, implementing family centered care concepts such as the Sacred Hour.
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Family-centered care: a more holistic approach

Starting life in intensive care is never easy. But Clinica Mangiagalli in Milan, Italy is partnering with Philips to create a gentler environment for premature babies like Sebastiano – as well as their families.
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Embracing Global Wee Care

Mercy Hospital in Springfield, MO works implements Developmental Care

initiatives in its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit


Physicians share experiences with HeartNavigator
Calming your baby with Philips Soothie pacifiers
clinical decisions
A range of positioning products for the NICU

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