Harnessing AI to improve healthcare workflow

九月 09, 2018

Harnessing AI to improve healthcare workflow

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Anselm Ci’an Tan

Anselm Ci’an Tan

Principal, Venture Investments

Philips invests in Singapore-based Workplace Optimizer

Artificial intelligence has the potential to disrupt countless aspects of healthcare — not only in advances in diagnosis and treatment, but in technology that will improve the efficiency of a healthcare system’s operations. The healthcare industry — long challenged by a shortage of healthcare professionals and rising labor costs — currently faces a dire need.


In 2018, Workforce Optimizer (previously called FriarTuck) raised $3 million in series A funding from Philips and other investors for its artificial intelligence-powered tech solutions that improve workflow efficiency. The company’s optimization platform helps health systems address changing labor demand and workloads, manage workplace fatigue, and improve productivity and staff engagement.

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