Common Sensing’s “smart cap” — a small, white device — helps make sure

四月 11, 2018

Making injectable medication simpler and smarter

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Rich Wilmot

Rich Wilmot

Managing Partner, Venture Investments

Philips invests in Common Sensing’s smart cap system


Patients with conditions such as diabetes depend on regular injections to stay healthy. But because they give the shots themselves, there’s usually no way for their providers to know if they’re using the medication correctly.


Common Sensing — based in Cambridge, Massachusetts — has a solution. The company’s Gocap system uses a smart cap that records dosage, timing and storage information of injectable medication, including insulin, fertility medications, growth hormones and others. Gocap can also share this data in real time to doctors, so they can make sure patients are getting the dosage they need. Philips sees huge potential in the company and has contributed to the company’s $6.6 million USD Series A financing round.

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