Benno Tieke

Benno Tieke

Portfolio and CTO

Current role

Benno manages the extensive portfolio that Philips Ventures has created in four short years. In particular, he focuses on how portfolios can be leveraged by different parts of Philips, including the numerous business and markets teams. He’s passionate about bringing external start-ups to Philips and establishing the best connection points for effective partnerships.


After spending the first half of his professional career at Philips creating meaningful innovations internally, Benno decided to shift to a focus on open innovation. To create strong, productive connections between Philips and start-up partners, he draws on his extensive experience at Philips and his deep knowledge of our research projects and the challenges facing the businesses within the organization.


Benno has been with Philips since 1997 in various research and business roles. He is responsible for the creation of the Philips research lab in Cambridge, UK, and he has helped develop standards for DVDs, Blu-Ray discs and recordable dual-layer DVDs. Benno has a PhD in Physics from Radboud University.

We can create lasting impact in healthcare by combining breakthrough solutions and the entrepreneurial drive of leading start-ups with the innovation power and clinical platforms of Philips.”

Areas of focus


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Deep tech
  • Open innovation ecosystems
  • Venture building

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Changing healthcare

Together, we’re changing healthcare

Together, we’re changing healthcare

Philips Ventures champions innovative start-ups with breakthrough solutions.

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