iCT Refurbished CT Scanner


Refurbished CT Scanner


Built upon our latest advances in reconstruction techniques, workflow, and detector technologies, the iCT SP is the entry into our flagship scanner family designed to redefine CT imaging.

IMR || Industry-leading low-contrast

IMR - industry-leading low-contrast resolution

With Philips IMR you can simultaneously achieve 60–80% lower dose, 43–80% improved low-contrast detectability, and 70–83% lower noise.* IMR gives you confidence through enhanced visualization of fine detail and improved accuracy.
iDose⁴ Premium Package || High image quality with reduce

iDose⁴ Premium Package reduces noise and artifacts

iDose⁴ improves image quality** through artifact prevention and increased spatial resolution at low dose. O-MAR reduces artifacts caused by large orthopedic implants. Together they produce high image quality with reduced artifacts.
NanoPanel³ᴰ || Low-noise and low-energy and l

World's first true spherical detector geometry

Philips was first to bring integrated, modular CT tile detector technology to the market in 2007 with the NanoPanel3D, the foundation of the iCT. Today, there are thousands of NanoPanel-based systems installed globally.
iPatient || Confidence and consistency

iPatient for scan-to-scan consistency

Philips iPatient is an advanced platform that puts you in control of enhancing your CT system today, while getting you ready for the challenges of tomorrow. This allows you to plan the results, not the acquisition. It also gives you confidence and consistency 24/7.