IntelliVue Central monitoring system

IntelliVue Information Center iX (PIIC iX)

Central monitoring system


A powerful, real-time central monitoring system that offers your hospital easy access to information and a rich experience. It helps your organization deliver quality patient care.

Visibility where it matters
Easily accessible patient data

Easily accessible patient data

Wherever you are – in the hospital, you can have access to the patient information you need to make informed clinical decisions via web and tablet access.
Close the gap in patient information
Comprehensive view from admission to discharge

Comprehensive view from admission to discharge

You can access your patient’s monitoring history across the continuum of care from ED, OR, or ICU, to the step-down unit, and even during transport. With PIC iX, you can consolidate and communicate patient data to caregivers, even when they're on the go, and to the EMR. PIC iX allows the upload of numerics from bedside and telemetry devices (and hold data for 8 hours when transmission gaps are unavoidable), and can backfill wave dropouts from bedside devices for 10 seconds.
Advanced clinical decision support
PIC iX clinical tools offer insight to help prioritize care

PIC iX clinical tools offer insight to help prioritize care

PIC iX offers powerful clinical decision support tools, early warning scoring and advanced algorithms to help you identify patients in need early, prior to critical events. Additionally, PIC iX includes technology that can help prioritize alarm protocols and workflows. Alarm Advisor proactively offers suggestions for personalizing each patient's settings to hep clinicians reduce non-actionable alarms.
Standards-based information || Clinical decision support

Standards-based information for enhanced interoperability

PIIC iX interfaces with your HIS applications and EMR. The open, standards-based system supports a shared IT infrastructure to help you make the most of your existing network and hardware investments.
Real-time monitoring || Clinical decision support

Real-time monitoring for quick interpretation

Quickly view, interpret and take action based on relevant, meaningful clinical information. You can configure the PIIC iX to display real-time monitoring data personalized to each patient’s clinical condition. Choose waveforms, numerics, orizon Trends, and/or a STEMI Limit Map, for up to 32 patients on a single information center. Dual display option allows you to see full information for each patient.