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Confident image interpretation

More clarity with Bone suppression

Philips Bone Suppression* is an innovative image enhancement technology. As an advanced, proven AI application it increases the clarity of adult erect chest radiographs by suppressing bones on digital images without the need for two exposures. This solution is integrated into the latest DigitalDiagnost C90 and CombiDiagnost R90 providing a soft tissue image for digital chest radiographs.


Radiography decision support


Bone Suppression provides a soft tissue image in addition to the conventional chest image and thus adds further decision-making support to the radiologist without the need for additional X-ray dose or time. With Bone Suppression actionable lung nodule detection is improved up to 16.8%.**

Bone Suppression in the Eleva workflow


It is fully integrated into the Eleva workflow of the system. Depending on the protocol, for each adult erect chest PA/AP image a bone-suppressed image can be automatically generated and sent to PACS in addition to the conventional image. Thus, the conventional and the bone-suppressed image can be accessed and reviewed at the PACS viewing station at any time. This is a quick and easy step to support decision-making.

Main benefits of Bone Suppression


  • More confident image interpretation
  • Enables detection of 1 in 6 nodules previously missed**
  • Fully integrated into the Eleva Workflow
  • Images automatically added to patient files
  • Uses existing chest X-rays from regular examination, so no additional procedures/doses required
  • Immediate display on existing PACS viewer
  • No need for extra equipment
  • No additional examination times

Philips Bone Suppression* improves actionable lung nodule detection up to 16.8%.**

* ClearRead Bone Suppression by Riverain Technologies

** Freedman M et al. Improved detection of lung nodules with novel software that suppresses the rib and clavicle shadows on chest radiographs. Radiology. 2011.

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