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Cardiac lead extraction. Managing leads. Together.


Patients rely on you to provide guidance about device management, including when lead extraction may be indicated. When physicians and extractors work together to provide information and options, you can be confident that the patients you refer for extraction can expect a safe, successful procedure, supported by Philips - your partner in providing advanced devices and training.

Laser lead extraction animation video

Safe extractions. Predictable results.


With a clinical success of more than 97% and a survivability of more than 99.72%1, lead extraction is safe and predictable.


Philips provides tools specifically designed to help achieve the clinical goals while allowing the highest level of confidence.


Learn about the Excimer laser, Philips most advanced extraction tool available.

Case review: Minimally invasive percutaneous lead extraction with an excimer laser video
Case Review: Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Lead Extraction with an Excimer Laser by Dr. Samer Hakmi

Tools for success.

Benefit for your patient.

Watch an expert perform a laser lead extraction. As proven in multiple clinical studies including the recent European ELECTRA study, in experienced centers lead extraction is a highly successful and safe procedure.2
Managing leads.

Partnering for patient care.


Collaboration with colleagues is key to optimal patient care, along with knowing the Heart Rhythm Society Expert Consensus Statement on Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Device Lead Management and Extraction1. Together, you can make the right decision at the right time for every patient.

Lead extraction.

Life saving.


More than 6 in 10 patients suffering from cardiac device infections go untreated or undertreated.3


All leading cardiac societies agree that safe, cost-effective and life-saving treatment for such an infection is complete removal of the device, including leads. Any patient with an implanted cardiac device and a suspected infection should be screened immediately for device infection.


Philips is dedicated to helping you recognize and treat implanted cardiac device infections by providing expert tools, training and support that help you save lives and vastly improve the quality of life for your patients.

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