Interventional X-ray

All-in-one imaging and navigation platform for endobronchial,
percutaneous and surgical procedures


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Onco suite platform in the treatment of lung cancer

Best-in-class cone-beam CT imaging for localization of small lesions and therapy monitoring


Integrated 3D tumor segmentation and augmented overlay on live fluoroscopy to guide endobronchial procedures


Plan percutaneous procedures on pre-operative MR, CT or PET/CT and fusion imaging with cone beam CT in a hybrid OR


Percutaneous navigation software for tumor biopsy and marking in one-stop workflow for video-assisted thoracic surgery

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Use of CBCT in hybrid OR provides us with a reliable and accurate method for intraoperative localization of small pulmonary nodules. This is the next step in the evolution of thoracic surgery.

Dr. K. Lau, Barts Health NHS Trust, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, UK

Cone Beam CT has added a new dimension to interventional pulmonology. The technology gives us greater confidence in the placement of our biopsy tools for sampling and thus has resulted in improved diagnostic yield. CBCT offers the distinct advantage of intraprocedural real-time imaging and is a must for future ablative technologies that use endobronchial approach

Dr. M. Pritchett, DO, MPH FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital, Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Pinehurst, NC, USA

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*Onco suite is the Philips’ solution to assist physicians in embolization of hypervascular tumors in the liver and percutaneous ablation procedures in interventional oncology treatment. It is the combination of our innovative product offerings XperCT Dual, EmboGuide and XperGuide. 


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