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What is the Philips Customer Experience Center?

Take a tour of our virtual Customer Experience Center to learn more about our innovative solutions.

Making an impact throughout the health continuum

Improving experiences of patients, providers and caregivers means moving outside the hospital walls. In today’s healthcare environment, it’s not enough to just diagnose and treat. Patients and clinicians alike are looking for ways to manage health conditions before issues arise, and to stay healthy long after treatment. Our solutions are strategically developed to work cohesively across the patient journey.
Health continuum
The Philips Customer Experience Center includes both clinical- and non-clinical settings. This allows us to demonstrate how we can impact every stage of the health continuum: healthy living, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and home care. Our care journey tours and demos highlight patient and staff experiences across every stage of the continuum.

Join us on a journey

The Philips Customer Experience Center is filled with rich content that takes our guests on a journey that illustrates how Philips is connecting people, data, and technology across the health continuum. By addressing healthcare as a ‘connected whole’ in this way, we unlock efficiencies and drive innovations that help deliver on the ‘Quadruple Aim’: enhancing the patient experience, improving health outcomes, lowering the cost of care, and improving the work life of care providers.
The whole story is told through ‘real’ personas: a typical family  with different pathologies and medical histories cared for by our healthcare professionals who each face their own challenges. The immersive and impressive experience highlights challenges and opportunities, forming the basis for discussions with our guests on co-creation and on how together we can deliver seamless care to make life better.
Philips family

Meet the Philips family

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Simon, Ben's brother
Lung cancer patient

Simon, 57, is a 40-year smoker who wants to quit.
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Sue, Simon's wife
Peripheral artery disease (PAD) patient

Sue, 57, is diabetic.
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Amy, Sam's mom

Amy, 35, is expecting her second child.
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Eric, Sam's dad
Sleep apnea

Eric, 35, is fit and healthy but works hard and struggles to sleep.
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Sam, Amy and Eric's young son
Broken arm

Sam, 6, is a lively boy who recently fell from a tree.
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Ben, Amy's dad
Prostate cancer patient

Ben, 70, is generally healthy yet has a rising PSA.
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Rosa, Eric's mum
Cardiology patient

Rosa, 68, cardiac history and recently collapsed.
Health care professionals

Meet the healthcare professionals

HCP Number 1

Interventional Radiologist

HCP Number 2

Radiology Technologist

HCP Number 3

Chief Financial Officer

HCP Number 4

Head of Radiology

HCP Number 5

Chief Executive Officer

HCP Number 6

Interventional Cardiologist

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Nurse in the ICU

HCP Number 8

General Practitioner

HCP Number 9

Chief Information Officer

Take a tour of our virtual Philips Customer Experience Center to hear the perspectives of our Philips family and healthcare professionals.