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Discover how the African desert changes throughout the day


Duration: 15:17

Target Audience: Adults

Release Date: 01 Jan 2008

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    a landscape view of a desert though there are some trees

    Enhancing the patient experience through environment design

    Patients who enter a hospital may be frightened as they are stressed about the outcome and the procedure itself. By researching how people feel, move and interact with each other in the healthcare environment we have identified ways in which we can enhance the experience.

    We created Ambient Experience, a purposefully designed environment that makes patients and staff feel more comfortable. Ambient Experience creates patient-friendly environments by integrating architecture, design and enabling technologies, that can help to calm patients, increase efficiency and support workflow.

    enhancing the patient experience

    Optional room enhancements

    kittenscanner to calm and empower kids

    Removing the mystery to calm and empower kids

    Quality images are best acquired with receptive, relaxed patients. Yet a child’s fear can challenge that goal. The KittenScanner (a small scale scanner) is designed to reduce fear and playfully educates children about the scanning process.

    de-cluttering the workspace

    De-cluttering the workspace

    A smooth, efficient workflow is greatly influenced by how well the room is organized. With everything in its place, clinicians work more effectively. Our Ambient Experience storage solutions are designed to help provide a neat workspace.

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