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A strategic approach to improving the patient satisfaction

Enhance people’s healthcare experience across your care setting


Philips Healthcare Experience Consulting offers a holistic approach in transforming the overall patient and staff experience across your care setting. A multidisciplinary team of experts will collaborate with patients, staff and key stakeholders to deliver consulting solutions with a people-centric approach, ranging from experience research, planning and experience design to implementation and evaluation.


We employ proven methodology to assess your current situation, pinpoint areas we can positively influence and then offer recommendations for implementation. Insights are prioritized and translated into customized, meaningful environments creating:


  • An enhanced patient experience
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Optimized clinical workflow
Exceptional patient experience
Learn how Experience Consulting played a key role in redesigning the Broward Infusion Center

How we improve value for your patients, family and staff

Philips has a robust program to observe, assess and evaluate the way that care is delivered, to provide excellent patient and staff experiences, and build an inclusive strategic plan to achieve your institutional goals.
Strategy: Based on research we help define what it means to be people-centric and guide you through creation of a ‘whole health’ and wellbeing proposition
Realization: Following the detailed specifications, steps will be carried out toward implementation including planning, creative direction, installation, technology implementations and support. For the physical environment we can provide our Ambient Experience room solutions.
Concept: The strategy defined will impact the physical, organizational and operational structure of your hospital. To visualize this we develop various concepts.
Evaluation: We can be your partner for continuous experience improvement so that you can maintain a high level of service delivery, maximizing its positive impact.

Innovating a new healthcare ecosystem

Is your healthcare system working on new models of integrated care? Is it ready for a connected healthcare world?

HealthSuite Labs offers a systematic approach to address complex healthcare challenges together.


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Customer stories in Healthcare management

How we enable the transformation process

Experience Flow Mapping

Experience Flow Mapping

Experience Flow Mapping is a unique and structured methodology to provide an insights-based view of the patient journey and clinical processes. We map-out the data points and insights gained from deep data analysis as well as stakeholder interviews and workflow observations.


The experience flow map visually summarizes the patient journey, areas of concern, and the most impactful opportunities for improvement. These maps are usually the size of a meeting room wall.


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Clinical Expertise

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts bring extensive experience in collaborating with hospitals and health systems to develop clinical growth strategies and deliver efficient clinical processes.


We help create an integrated care management approach and achieve clinical performance improvement goals. Our consultants help align people, processes, and technologies to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care across the health continuum.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We believe data should support each phase of a consulting project and drive recommendations. The goal is to provide quantitative evidence to optimize equipment utilization. Our data analysts:

  • Recognize gaps in workflow, capacity, and desired vs. actual outcomes
  • Identify and quantify improvement opportunities
  • Analyze trends to forecast patient demand, staffing and technology needs, supplies, and more
  • Create scenarios to simulate the impact of change recommendations
  • Embed data into client operations


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