Ingenia Intraoperative magnetic resonance system

Ingenia MR-OR

Intraoperative magnetic resonance system


Ingenia MR-OR intraoperative MRI delivers high-quality images during neurosurgical procedures. It helps you gain up-to-date insight on surgical progress and tumor resection to support confident intraoperative decisions and update neuronavigation. The solution supports smooth, in-line patient transfer between the operating room and the Philips Ingenia MR system, with minimal procedure time added. Moreover, it lets you preserve your OR set-up for efficient neurosurgical workflows. Thanks to versatile configuration options, Ingenia MR-OR supports high utilization, while driving cost-effectiveness and flexibility.


MRI system
MRI system
Field strengths
  • 1.5 and 3.0 T
Xtend Magnet System
Xtend Magnet System
Bore design
  • 70 cm