HeartStart Monitor/defibrillator

HeartStart Intrepid



You never know what you will face when you arrive at the scene of an emergency, or when a hospital patient will suffer sudden cardiac arrest. But you do know you need to be ready. Philips HeartStart Intrepid is up to the challenge. This easy-to-use, lightweight and rugged monitor/defibrillator gives you the power to respond quickly and act confidently when your patient's life is on the line.

Multiple parameters
Assess thoroughly

Assess thoroughly

This all-in-one solution offers pulse oximetry (SpO₂) noninvasive blood pressure (NBP), capnography (EtCO₂), temperature and more. It delivers innovative clinical decision support tools to help you speed triage and determine the best course of care.
Adults, infants, children
Treat confidently

Treat confidently

HeartStart Intrepid makes it simple to quickly switch patient categories from adult to infant/child - with a single press of a button. Plus, in the optional AED mode, it automatically analyzes rhythm and advises if a shock is needed.
Cloud-based platform
Connect effortlessly

Connect effortlessly

Securely upload patient vitals to the IntelliSpace Connect cloud and smoothly connect to your ePCR for fast, accurate record keeping. Integrated data supports post-event review and billing for ongoing quality improvement and operational efficiency.
3 modes, 1 device
Two defibrillators in one

Two defibrillators in one

When responding to sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts. HeartStart Intrepid empowers first responders and caregivers with Basic Life Support (BLS) training to deliver a life-saving shock using the system's optional AED mode. Voice and text prompts guide you through the defibrillation process.
InelliSpace Connect

The power of connected care

IntelliSpace Connect enables you to share critical patient data across the entire emergency care continuum. With critical data stored securely in the cloud, you can update patient care reports for comprehensive event documentation and accurate billing. The IntelliSpace Connect cloud includes event analysis reports such as CPR performance to support quality initiatives.
Data integration

Easy recordkeeping

With Philips HeartStart Intrepid, you can transmit vital signs, including full 12-lead ECGs, from the field or ambulance directly to the IntelliSpace Connect cloud using Wi-Fi or cellular transmission. With secure, role-based access, patient data can be viewed from most popular browsers.
Comprehensive parameters

Measurements guide care

HeartStart Intrepid provides a comprehensive set of industry-leading monitoring parameters to help you make informed clinical decisions in the toughest emergencies. Choose 3-, 5-or 12-lead ECG acquisition with advanced STEMI support to accelerate treatment in the cath lab. Philips unique TBI advisory with visual guidance helps you to recognize hypoxia, hypotension and hyperventilation-induced hypocapnea in patients with suspected traumatic brain injury.

Designed to be easy to use

This lightweight, portable device is simple to learn, so training time is limited. Intuitive soft keys and a navigation knob let you speed through the menu and limit manual data input.
Designed to evolve

Easy to manage

IntelliSpace Connect is hosted on Philips secure, reliable cloud platform so there is no need to invest in expensive hardware, build out your operational infrastructure or maintain servers. Easy upgrades make it simple to take advantage of the latest features. And all users have secure, role-based access to patient information from most popular browsers to make informed decisions.
An end-to-end solution

Therapy and measurements in one device

HeartStart Intrepid with IntelliSpace Connect brings together Philips world-class defibrillation therapy with advanced clinical measurements in a rugged, reliable device that's built to endure demanding EMS and hospital use. It supports your efforts to streamline clinical workflow, accelerate data communications and document post-event reviews.
Enhanced defibrillation

Timely therapy

HeartStart Intrepid brings our latest advances in patient monitoring and defibrillation technology to our proven family of ALS and AED devices. Our SMART biphasic therapy delivers a fast, reliable shock to patients within 5 seconds. In AED mode, it takes less than 14 seconds to analyze heart rhythm and be ready to deliver a shock if advised (on battery power). And the Patient Contact Indicator gives immediate feedback on the quality of pads or paddle contact.
Continuous improvement

Consolidated data

Access detailed event reports stored in IntelliSpace Connect to document care and for post-event review to drive your organization's quality initiatives and inspire a culture of continuous improvement.


Physical specifications
Physical specifications
  • 24.6 (9.7) x 29 (11.4) x 21 (8.3) cm (in)
  • 32 levels
  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Normal or high-contrast
Battery life**
  • 5 hours
  • ≤6.7 (14.8) kg (lb)
  • 21.3 (8.4) cm (in)
  • Not all features are available in all geographies, please check with your Philips representatives for full details.
  • *Weight is approximate with pads, cable, battery and 1 full roll of paper
  • **A new fully-charged battery at 20⁰ C (68⁰ F) provides power for at least 5 hours of monitoring (ECG, EtCO₂, SpO₂ and temperature continuously monitored and NBP sampled every 15 minutes) followed by 20 full-energy charge/shock cycles).
  • May not be available in all markets. Not available for sale in the USA. Please check with your local Philips representative for complete portfolio availability.