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Philips eCareManager software is the technology core of a Philips enterprise telehealth program. eCareManager enables effective patient population management, provides actionable insights for increased clinical decision support and fosters care coordination with confidence. Powered by advanced clinical algorithms, eCareManager synthesizes patient data and translates it into meaningful information that helps providers identify  patients most at-risk at any given moment and allocates resources accordingly. As a patient moves through the different units of a hospital eCareManager keeps their information in a centralized database. It provides that their care teams - bedside and telehealth - always have access to the same, up-to-date information, so they can collaborate efficiently and effectively, every step of the way.


eCareManager helps health systems optimize their workforce and provide the highest-level of care to patients across the care continuum when they need it most. At the heart of the proven eICU program, eCareManager enables care teams to better manage critical care delivery and potentially improve patient outcomes.

Connected, patient-centered care

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