eSepsis program Telehealth for sepsis management

eSepsis program

Telehealth for sepsis management


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Program features and services || eSEPSIS

Program features and services

The eSepsis program uses the proven Sepsis Prompt algorithm—a key feature of the eICU program-that is optimized specifically for lower acuity patients. The eSepsis program is available as a standalone offering for patients in non-telehealth covered beds and the ED, to screen for sepsis throughout their stay, regardless of what hospital unit they are in.
Proprietary algorithm || eSEPSIS

Proprietary algorithm

Philips eCareManager Sepsis Prompt software analyzes vital signs, lab values and other physiologic parameters using a proprietary algorithm that runs every two hours. This algorithm, called Sepsis Prompt, goes beyond standard monitoring and analyzes more systemic inflammatory response syndrome criteria than similar type alerts, as well as an automated definition lookup of organ dysfunction.
Specialized screening workflow || eSEPSIS

Specialized screening workflow

The eSepsis program uses a specialized sepsis screening workflow specifically for patients outside of the ICU.
Implementation services || eSEPSIS

Implementation services

Our multi-disciplinary team of clinical and technical professionals delivers a range of services from strategic planning through systems integration and training.
Training and support || eSEPSIS

Training and support

Our eSepsis program includes clinical training, workshops, standardized processes and 24/7 helpdesk diagnostics, to successfully guide and potentially improve your program.