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Accelerate innovation with our Cloud healthcare compliant services 

Digital is driving a healthcare ecosystem that can dynamically respond to an individual’s healthcare needs no matter where, when or how they enter the system. However, care remains fragmented and the plethora of data designed to inform care can be overwhelming.

Applications built on HSDP connect the dots of patient data to help transform care from fragmented and episodic to integrated and continuous - from prevention to diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

What sets us apart? 

By linking patient data including personal health data, vitals and clinical insights, applications built on HSDP provide professionals and individuals with the tools to drive actionable insights focused on delivering better health outcomes.

  • Open platform designed for flexibility and innovation
  • Curated, ready to use services 
  • Comprehensive data management and analytics tools
  • Gateway to a complete, longitudinal patient record
  • Leading interoperability, healthcare security and regulatory compliance*

HealthSuite digital platform

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Transforming care

From fragmented and episodic to continuous and proactive

Transforming care

Philips solutions powered by HSDP  

Philips provides a wealth of experience connecting devices, data, settings and people to create solutions that make care more precise, proactive, predictive and personalized.  Let us put this experience to work for you. Our HSDP will help you host, build and deploy solutions in the healthcare Cloud. It connects devices, aggregates clinical and consumer data for easy consumption and shares and stores patient data to support analysis that makes data actionable. 

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis 

HSDP powers Lumify, Philips’ exceptional portable ultrasound machine on your smartphones and handheld devices to meet patients at the point-of-care, make a faster diagnosis, and deliver care whenever it's needed

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics helps enhance post-acute care among at-risk populations

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring


Philips eCareCoordinator provides clinicians with visibility to a patient’s health status, facilitates cross-care team collaboration and helps empower patients for self-care

Case studies

Delivering an innovative approach

Delivering an innovative approach to virtual care

Empowering a personalize

Empowering a personalized approach to cancer treatment

(IntelliSpace Precision Medicine and Dana-Farber) 

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