Account Assignment is based on Groups and a Group will have one or more Location Accounts linked to it. Furthermore, one or more groups can be assigned to a Super Group, however a Group can only be assigned to one Super Group.

This grouping mechanism is valuable because a user can be linked to one or more groups, super groups (or combination thereof).

As a Customer Portal Manager, you can assign (super) groups to users but not create new groups or maintain groups.

Add (Super) Group
Select the menu item “Account Assignment.”

Now you have the ability to add/remove assignments such as (super) group, locations and IP.

In this example, the user is already assigned to a Super Group.

Add (Super) Group/Group
Select the menu item “Account Assignment.”


  1. Search for the user.
  2. Check the box to see existing assignments.
  3. Click the "Add Super Group/Group" button.
  4. Check the Super Group/Group you want to link to the user.
  5. Click the “Add” button.

Exclude Specific Locations

  1. You can exclude specific locations account(s) linked to from a group from the user’s assignment. With the button Assigned checked for the Group select the “Specify Locations” button.
  2. Check the box corresponding to the location name.
  3. Click the “Done” and “Save” buttons.


If satisfied with the assignment(s) selection, click the “Save” button.

Exclude Specific Modalities
Some users are not interested in certain modalities or only interested in specific modalities. This can be managed via the modality selector.

  1. With the desired Group, choose in the pull-down field “Modality.”
  2. The multi-selector presents the modality options you want the user to see, or not see.

The ‘ALL’ entry refers to any new modality introduced to any of the locations. The ‘empty value’ entry refers to any product(s) not assigned to a modality.

Explicitly Exclude/Include Specific IPs
In the scenario where you do not want a specific IP to show in the portal for a specific user and/or you want to only show a specific IP you can ‘Exclude’/’Include’ such an IP.


  1. Click the “Exclude/Include IP” button.
  2. Check the box(s) for IP(s) you wish to exclude or include.
  3. Check the box(s) for IP(s) you wish to exclude or include.

Repair Account Assignment
‘Repair’ the user account assignment in situation where, for unforeseen reasons, the system did not automatically add or remove installed products to/from the view of a portal user.


  1. Click the Repair” button.

It can take up to 60 minutes to repair the user account assignment. During this time please do not close the tab, otherwise the repair will be interrupted and must be done again.

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