Fidelio E5 無線隨選環繞音效喇叭

Fidelio E5 無線隨選環繞音效喇叭

4.1 CH 無線環繞音效, Bluetooth® aptX、AAC 與 NFC, 2 組 HDMI 輸入與 HDMI 輸出 ARC, 木質與皮革 CSS7235Y/98 尋找類似產品


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  • 2014-08-15

    2014-2015 年歐洲最佳家庭劇院解決方案 - 飛利浦 Fidelio E5:飛利浦 Fidelio E5 採用無線喇叭,將傳統家庭劇院解決方案帶入全新境界,並為消費者提供輕鬆切換功能,可從一般立體聲...

  • 2014-08-25

    Get Surround on Demand with Philips clutter-busting 2.1-channel system

    • Offers true surround sound without clutter ; Stylish design and solid build quality ; Big soundstage and superb detail clarity ; Generous features and connections
    • Thin-sounding surround speakers ; No HD audio decoding, USB port or 4K passthrough ; Relatively expensive

    結論 : Polished performance, classy looks and wireless surround speakers make Philips' ingenious 2.1 system money well spent, despite some minor shortcomings....


  • 2014-09-01

    Philips has always been a company known for its innovative ethos. And that still remains, despite the CE aspects of the brand now being split between two separate entities (TP Vision for TVs, Woox Innovations for audio, recently acquired by Gibson)....

    • Flexible functionality; impressively punchy audio performance; simple installation; neat styling
    • Operation can be a bit tricksy; speakers are quite large; surround channels lack body


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